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Top 10 Manga Series of All Time (Part 1)

Hello Everyone! I'm a new Admin at Doki Doki Desu, Emma Frozt! I'll be posting some blogs from now on its a pleasure to meet you and hope we can get along.

first of its my first time writing a blog so i wasn't sure what to write so ill start of with my top 10 manga, and this excludes Naruto, One Piece, Etc. since most people love them don't get me wrong i love them too, and they are the top manga i read specially Naruto since it's about to end. But I Wont be talking about them at the moment ^_^

You might now some of them not sure but i really enjoyed reading them/ cont. to read them they are all very interesting and enjoyable to read so lets get started shall we. 

10. 666 Satan

Name: 666 Satan
Author: Seishi Kishimoto
Status: Complete 
Genres:   Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Shounen,Supernatural,Tragedy
Anime: Not Available 

First of for those of you who don't know Seishi-San Is Masashi Kishimoto Twin Brother, thus if you read this manga you will find a lot of resembles to Masashi-san work, even though both have a similar style they both are great mangakas and i enjoy reading both or their work.

666 Satan takes place in the future when mankind battles over to gather O-Parts, relics from an ancient civilization and try to control their power. It takes a very special kind of person to control and unlock the full potential of these relics, they are known as O.PT's(O-Parts Tacticians). The O-parts Can be used for good or evil(like all weapons it depends on the person who uses it whether its used for good or bad), The main character is a Young boy named Jio Freed, who caries a tragic past with him and only trust in one thing:money Jio Dream is "World Domination." Jio May seem Like A Normal Being But Little does he know that he is a very powerful O.P.T., and inside him A demon of incredible  power and ferocity sleeps. He meets a girl named Ruby Crescent,her dream is to become a world famous treasure hunter just like her father, who went missing after leaving to hunt for powerful O-Parts. Together Jio and Ruby embark on a thrilling and dangerous quest.Together they meet all kinds of O.P.T's with rare and Unique O-Part, I really enjoyed my self when reading this manga it was very Unique and Interesting (I have read this manga at Least 8 times already). Even Though It was Unique and interesting i did feel like it was missing something, and i also felt like Seishi-san rushed through it i really do wish he would have taken him time a bit more,the characters felt a bit underdeveloped for me and I can't put my finger on what its missing (since I'm not an Expert), but the manga was really good and i enjoyed it a lot ^_^.

9. Silver Diamond

Name: Silver Diamond
Author: Sugiura Shiho
Status: On-Going (It takes a while to update)
Genres: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Mystery,Shounen Ai,Supernatural
Anime: Not Available

Silver Diamond Very revolves around Rakan Sawa a loving, kindhearted, young man that lives alone with the plants in his garden, even though the plants  grow so thick and fast that it seems like it's a jungle. One day a mysterious and handsome man named Senrou Chigusa falls right down into his garden, holding a gun made of wood. He seems to come from another world, and he's searching for someone who can bring back the green into his own dark and inhospitable world. When Chigusa first sees Rakan he try's to kill him, since he thinks that Rakan is the "Ayame Prince" who is destroying his world, but he soon realizes that Rakan isn't the "Ayame Prince" but the "Sanome Prince." The "Sanome Prince" is someone who with little to no effort can make plants grow very rapidly, with the "Sanome Prince" in his reach Chigusa thinks he can go back and fight the "Ayame Prince" that is destroying his world. The "Ayame Prince" is sucking the nutrients aways from the world and turning everything into sand, that way nothing can ever grow thus destroying everything. Rakan and Chigusa along with Shigeka Narushige who was banished to Rakan's world and Touno Tonji who was sent to kill Rakan but ended up joining him travel back to their world to try and stop the "Ayame Prince" from destroying the world and bring back the greenery. Along the way they make more allies to confront the "Ayame Prince" and make their world a better place for the people to live in. I really enjoyed reading/Continue to read this manga, its really entertaining, the story is unique and i also find it rather cute. I really come to like the characters a lot, i specially like the way their friendship develops along the way with the manga, they don't start off as "best friends" through their journey in that world they become closer to one another, i really enjoyed that. Like i said this is a really cute manga i can't wait for more updates ^_^.

8. Blazer Drive

Name: Blazer Drive
Author: Seishi Kishimoto
Status: Complete
Genres: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Sci-Fi,Shounen
Anime: Not Available 

Blazer Drive is another great work of Seishi-san,this takes place In the near future,where human technology becomes centered around Mystickers. They are tattoo-like stickers which are placed on objects in order to use their abilities. They are all kinds of Mystickers, some create fire to heat up water and such Mystickers can also produce electricity, ice, etc. But Mystickers can do much more, a secret only people known as "Blazers" know. Daichi, is a  good-humored teenager who is obsessed on doing things that will make him look "cool." Daichi suddenly finds himself targeted by people who tell him he, too, is a "Blazer," this is another unique manga by Seishi-san. Daichi must rise to the challenge and fight to survive, as well to find out why is he being targeted, and for what purpose do they want to use him for. Together with his new "Blazer" friends Daichi goes against the Organisation that it trying to capture him,but it's not easy since he doesn't really know how to use the Mystickers to their fullest. While trying to find out why they are after him he also has to learn how to bring out the full power of the Mysticker, which he isnt so bad at but does take some time to learn; plus the twist towards the end is really nice(lol). This manga was really captivating at least to me i couldn't put it down (one more chapter) i kept repeating that to my self, it had a good amount of twist here and there. As far as this manga goes it didn't feel as rushed as the other one which i liked, and the characters did development was also better then before (I also read this manga around 4x as well, although i tend to do that a lot with the manga that i really like)

7. The God of High School

Name: The God Of High School
Author: Park Yong-Je
Status: On-Going (Update Every Thursday)
Genres: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Martial Arts,Shounen
Anime: Not Available (since its a Webtoon)

The God Of High School is a Korean webtoon (even though its not a Japanese manga I think its still really good and i also think people should be aware of them more since they are really good.) It starts of with Mori Jin a high schooler who inherited "Renewal Taekwondo" from his grandfather and has never once lost a fight. One day a mysterious organization sends Mori Jin an invitations for a tournament called "God Of High School" where skilled high schoolers will gather.“If you win you can have ANYTHING you want.” they claim, although Mori Jin doesn't really want anything, all he really wants is to fight the guy who gave him the invitation since he lost to him, the organization is recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of High School.Joining Mori Jin we have, Han Dae Wi is a very skilled fighter and was invited to participate in the God Of High School Tournament, he will give it his all to win and save his best friend from his illness. Also joining Mori Jin and Han Dae Wi is Yu Mi Ra, she is the 25th Master of the Moon Light Sword Style. She wants nothing more than to keep the Moon Light Sword Style from being forgotten since she is the only one left that knows the techniques. However, a mysterious group called the "Nox Solidarity" also join the competition and make a mess out of everything, what is their goal? (Well i can tell you but i really think you should read it ^_^) Mori Jin and his new friends organize a resistance to stand up to "Nox Solidarity" and stop their plans. Through each fight they face they grow stronger and stronger each time, of course they don't just level up like nothing; well they kinda do i mean they do train and get their ass kicked which i enjoy since they don't just start strong and stay strong throughout the whole manga. They are not overpowered just because they are the main characters even at their best they still get beaten pretty badly but they stand back up and keep fighting (lol).

6. Hareluya II Boy

Name: Hareluya II Boy
Author: Umezawa Haruto
Status: Complete
Genres: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,School Life,Shounen
Anime: Not Available

Hareluya II Boy is a manga that follows Hibino Hareluya as he tries to "conquer the world" by dealing with the everyday punks on the street. Always ready to fight and always winning his fights, with a metal bat that he always hides behind his back and other stuff (hehe) he just finds himself in more and more trouble. Along the way he of "conquering the world" Hibino surrounds himself with friends who are all very strong in their own unique way. His First Friend Is Kiyoshiro Okamoto a hard working, kindhearted, and honest freshman, his dream is to go abroad to France to study art and become a great painter. Even though he doesnt look like much he is strong and has clear mind on what he wants and what he has to do to achieve it. Following Hibino and Okamoto is Michiru Yamana, a positive and energetic girl, who has fallen for the hard working,kindhearted, and honest Okamoto. She always try's her best to support them and help them reach their dreams. Last but not least we have Ichijyo (they didn't mention his last name) he is an up and coming badass, yet understanding and also kindhearted rock star. Together they all face off against all kinds of trouble makers that attack them and their friends, the manga is very entertaining and funny. Hibino and Ichijyo always argue with each other but none the less they respect one another, truthfully the characters didn't have much of a background but it didn't work against the manga, i know sometimes we would like to know of the characters background stories but this manga did good with little of it. You really get to love the characters the more you keep reading, they really amuse you and you grow to cheer them on (lol). I strongly recommend this manga if you want a good laugh well that's just me (I know we all have different sense of humor but this manga is really funny).

Whew! That was a lot of manga to go through. Watch for part 2 of my list of Top Manga to read, coming soon!

Until next time,
Emma Frozt
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  • Charles - November 23, 2015

    I humbly request your permission to use images from the series Hareluya II Boy on my account at Fanfiction dot net. I make no profit from it, I merely wish to use these images as “front covers” for my fanfiction stories.

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