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The Top 10 Biggest Anime Conventions

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Like most anime fans, we absolutely love conventions. They are, by far, the best way to meet fellow otaku from across the country (and world!) The best thing about living in the US is that there are a ton of different conventions in all parts of the country to attend. We've compiled a list of our Top 10 Anime and Cosplay Conventions to go to!

10. Anime Matsuri

This three day anime convention held in Texas is one of the newer conventions on our list! If you're going, you should definitely check out the Anime Matsuri Masquerade to see the best of Cosplay (it was even featured in the hit Syfy TV show, Heroes of Cosplay!)

  • Attendance: 24,328 (in 2015)
  • Started: 2007
  • Location: Houston, Texas

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9. Anime Weekend Atlanta

Anime Weekland Atlanta has been around for a loooong time (since 1995.) Though the overall turnout isn't that high, some of the best AMVs have come out of this convention's annual AMV contest.

  • Attendance: 20,311 (in 2014)
  • Started: 1995
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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8. Sakura-Con

Has anyone else seen the commercial for Sakura-con? It's cheesy, but that shouldn't put you off from visiting. Some of the biggest Anime news comes out of here.

  • Attendance: 21,457 (in 2012)
  • Started: 1998
  • Location: Seattle, Washington

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7. Anime Boston

We're sorry we missed Nobuo Uematsu, of Final Fantasy fame! Some of the absolute best musical acts in games j-rock are booked here. 2015 marked the first time that there was a need to put an attendance cap. If you can make it, definitely go!

  • Attendance: 26,475 (in 2015)
  • Started: 2003
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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6. A-Kon

Number Six on our list is A-Kon. The longest running Anime convention in the United States hosts close to 30K con-goers every year.

  • Attendance: 21,982 (in 2012)
  • Started: 1990
  • Location: Dallas, Texas

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5. FanimeCon

Located in San Jose, California, FanimeCon hosts some of the best cosplayers in the United States.

  • Attendance: 25,542 (in 2013)
  • Started: 1994
  • Location: San Jose, California

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4. Anime North

The only convention on our list not located in the United States: Anime North! By far the biggest anime convention in Canada. If you're located anywhere near Toronto, definitely check it out!

  • Attendance: 28,509 (in 2014)
  • Started: 1997
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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3. Anime Central

Host of the 2014 US Finals for the World Cosplay Summit, Anime Central in Rosemont, Illinois! Anime Central has a long history of weddings and supporting cosplay.

  • Attendance: 29,674 (in 2014)
  • Started: 1998
  • Location: Rosemont, Illinois

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2. Otakon

The second largest convention on our list, Otakon! Both Anime and live-action Asian film make their premiere at this amazing convention on the East Coast.

  • Attendance: 33,929 (in 2014)
  • Started: 1994
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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1. Anime Expo

The big daddy of all Anime Conventions, Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Held at the Los Angeles Convention Center (next to Staples Center) this annual convention tends to hit its max capacity of 80K con-goers attending.

  • Attendance: 80,000 (in 2014)
  • Started: 1992
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
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What conventions have you gone to in the past? Let us know in the comments!

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