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Top 10 Manga Series of All Time (Part 2)

5. Berserk

Author: Miura Kentaro
Status: On-Going (Update not so often)
Genres: Action,Horror
Anime: Available

This manga will be a bit hard for me to talk about cut i have a lot to say but i don't wanna say too much you know. Berserk is a manga that follows Guts, he is known as the Black Swordsman and seeks sanctuary from the demonic forces that pursue himself and his woman because of a demonic mark on their necks, as well as vengeance against the man who branded him as an unholy sacrifice. Honestly just thinking about that part gets me all so sad >.< (I'm one that really gets into the manga that I read and even cry.) Lets continue, aided only by his titanic strength and skill gained from a harsh childhood life with mercenaries, Guts embarks on a journey with a gigantic sword and prosthetic left hand to hunt down the man who gave him "hell on earth." Always fighting demons and monsters alike Guts must struggle against his bleak destiny, all the while fighting with a rage that might strip him of his humanity. Along the way Guts makes some allies, one being a Wind spirit from Elfhelm also known as a elves/fairy name Puck he is always around Guts yelling and nagging him about what he is doing and how he treating others. He doesn't like the way Guts does things but he can't leave him alone, he senses the darkness and hatred inside Guts and somehow feels responsible for him thinking that he just can't leave him alone. Another of Guts companions is a young runaway and petty thief named Isidro, he left his home and family to become a great swordsman after being saved by Guts and seeing how great of a swordsman he was, Isidro decided to follow him even after seeing and knowing what kind of life Guts has to live. Up next we have Farnese de Vandimion and Serpico: Farnese is a noblewoman who led the "Holy See's ceremonial guard, the Holy Iron Chain Knights, while Serpico was Herald for the Holy Iron Chain Knights. Farnese and Serpico are paternal half siblings which Farnese has no idea of only Serpico knows the truth, they have been together since childhood, Serpico cares and tries to protect Farnese. They are assigned to capture Guts since he has being killing "people" left and right, they manage to capture him but sadly its only for a bit as Guts soon escapes from them. Farnese decides to go after Guts and Serpico follows along, at first they are enemies but later on they end up becoming his allies, even though Serpico doesn't trust or even like Guts but he has to put up with it for Farnese's sake. Lastly we have Schierke and Evarella: Schierke is a witch in training that by some unfortunate circumstances lost her home and teacher Flora, on Floras request Evarella who is also a fairy like Puck is asked to go along and watch over Schierke, even though she is young and in training she is really powerful. This manga is really awesome up to this point i hadn't encounter an amazing horror manga like this one, I absolutely love it.(Also as much as I love this manga I DO NOT even LIKE the anime, this is just me i know that they change/take out stuff from the manga so the anime will be a bit different but this is one that I WISH THEY JUST LET IT BE THAT WAY AS THE MANGA. Well you guys might think different so you should give it a try I couldn't even get past the first 15 minutes of it >.< plus i wasn't a fan of his voice.)

4. Switch

Author: Naked Ape: Otoh Saki & Tomomi Nakamura
Status: Complete 
Genres: Action,Drama,Mature,Shounen
Anime: Available (OVA)

This manga follows Eto Kai  and Hal Kurabayashi two investigators at the Narcotics Control Department in Japan, they struggle against drug dealers, gangs, murderers, psychopaths, and mysterious organizations, in particular the notorious drug ring known as Ryuugen. But the gentle and caring one of the group, Kai, has problems of his own: he can become a cold-blooded, killing machine under certain scenarios, which is one of the reasons why i fell in love with him but his cute and gentle side is also good. As the NCD works toward bringing down Ryuugen, answers began to arise,  since they seem to know who Kai is they threaten to reveal the truth behind Kai's alter ego. With his stoic partner Hal Kurabayashi, Kai is assigned to track down and stop the distribution of the drug Dragon Speed, a dangerous new drug, but Ryugen is the syndicate trafficking the drug,and trying to infiltrated is almost impossible, add street violence and a jurisdiction war with the Meguro Police, and poor Kai is in for some very long days at the office. The more they get involved with Ryuugen the more they come to learn about Kai's past and get to know who Kai really is, which at first Hal doesn't want to involve Kai in since he doesn't want him to suffer. After hearing Kai talk a bit about his past and how he lost his memories when he was little Hal tries to solve the mystery behind how the Ryuugen might be involved in that incident, in order to get to the bottom of it he goes as far as getting hurt really badly. I really love Hal's personality even though he seems cold and distant he is really nice, plus he also has a story of his own that involves the Ryuugen. Together Kai and Hal put their life on the line to stop the Ryuugen from spreading the dangerous drug to the streets and the people, at times they don't meat eye to eye and they argue a bit but they always manage to pull through and at times when Kai's alter ego comes out Hal manages to stop him from doing any damage. I really enjoyed this manga, i still haven't gotten the chance to watch the OVA's so I'm not sure how good it may be although I'm sure it will be good I just have to sit down and watch it and I will. ^_^ 

3. Skip Beat

Author: Nakamura Yoshiki
Status: On-Going (Monthly Updates) 
Genres: Comedy,Drama,Romance,Shoujo,Slice Of Life
Anime: Available 1st season ONLY =(

This manga follows Kyouko Mogami a lively cheerful teenage girl (despite the fact that her mother ran out on her on a very young age)who lived solely for her childhood friend and first love Shoutaro "Shou" Fuwa. One day Shou tells Kyouko that he is moving to Tokyo so that he may realize his dream of becoming a famous singer, and asks Kyouko to go with him. When his dream of becoming a singer is realized, Kyouko overhears Shou tells the truth to his manager about his decision to bringing Kyouko with him: he was using her as a maid and nothing more. Shocked and enraged, Kyouko swears to take revenge by outdoing him in show business. With a new look and a new attitude, she joins LME, the agency where Ren Tsuruga (Shou's rival and the #1 actor of LME) works, in the hopes of achieving her goal of destroying Shou's pride. But things don't go according to plan she goes to the LME auditions and fails on the second trial since she is missing something really important not only as an actor but as a person in general and that is "Love" but can you really blame her? I mean come on her first love and childhood friend just tossed her aside like nothing when he got famous, she has her reason for it. Even though she doesn't pass the auditions she is given a second chance since the owner of LME sees something special in her, he gives her the opportunity to "recover" what she has lost by joining LME's new section the "LOVE ME" section. The "Love Me" section is mainly just an odd job section you do various task that are given to you and if you do a good job the people who requested the job give you points, really easy right. Through the "Love Me"  section Kyouko has to "regain" her "LOVE" not only loving someone but wanting to be love as well, along the way she starts to discovers her true self, makes new friends (and enemies), and finds herself at the heart of some interesting situations that will change her life, and the lives of all others involved, forever. I really love her "dark side" and the little vengeful spirits that appear, honestly it's so funny i always find myself laughing none stop specially when she argues with Ren. Like Kyouko, Ren Tsuruga has a rather tragic story as well and much like Kyouko he also has a "dark side" that only the owner of LME knows of. This manga is really funny but also has its sad moments that made me cry a bit, i really enjoy it specially where its at right now ^_^ but i do wish they would update it faster i don't mind waiting a week but a whole month its to much >.< plus i also wish they made a second season if not more for the anime.

2. Noblesse

Author: Son Je-Ho, Lee Gwang-Su
Status: On-Going (Update Every Monday)
Genres: Action Adventure,Comedy,Manhwa,School Life,Shounen,Supernatural
Anime: Not Available (Webtoon)

This manga follows Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (aka Rai) a vampire who for the past 820 years had been sleeping with no knowledge of mankind's advancement and scientific progress.The land which Rai once knew has become an unfamiliar place with new technology, attitudes, and lifestyles. Upon awakening, Rai, seeks to familiarize himself with this era, he locates a loyal servant of his, Frankenstein, who is currently the principal of a South Korean High School. Rai decides that this school is the perfect place to help him learn about the modern world, enrolls, and begins associating with a group of good natured students in order to 'blend in'. With new friends Rai starts his living his life "normally" but this new world is no safer than the old, Rai finds himself embroiled in adventures both ridiculous and dangerous. Even though Rai wishes to live a normal life, his new friends some how always seem to find trouble; be it modified humans, other vampires, and even werewolfs. Along side Rai we have Frankenstein, he is a very loyal servant of his who is willing to give his life away for Rai if needed. Frankenstein is originally a human but through various experiments that he did on himself, he ends up getting unique powers that rival those of vampires, he isn't one to back down when challenged. He treasures his possessions and dislikes disorder, which is something that happens a lot when Rai's friends/his students go over his house and make a mess when hanging out with Rai. He is also one who would attack anyone who dares to hurt his beloved master Rai and even if you are on the floor begging for your life he won't care one bit. I'm really enjoying this manga its funny yet the fights are really good well there are times when they talk more then what i would like but its not as bad, well at times the fights end a little to fast but they are still good. The story is really interesting and I really love all the characters, there isn't one that I don't like; I even like Rai's enemies.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

Author: Ishida Sui
Status: Completed (second installment coming soon)
Genres: Horror,Mystery,Psychological,Supernatural
Anime: Available

Finally I'm at #1 it took a while but I'm here yay now lets do this (lol).

This manga follows Kaneki Ken a normal college student, who has a crush on Rize Kamishiro. One day Kaneki asked Rize out on a date the last thing he expected was for her to be a ghoul, a horrific creature with a taste for human flesh. While on the date Rize attacks Kaneki, but he survives the attack thanks to a falling platform that injures him gravely but ends up killing Rize; his surgeons then decide to replace his damaged organs with Rize’s, turning him into a half-human/half-ghoul hybrid. Awesome right(lol), now Kaneki has to learn to survive being half-human/half-ghoul,but that won't be easy since ghouls unlike humans can't eat anything other than well humans. Seeing as how everything he tries to eat taste like garbage or some kind of rotting animal, Kaneki has to struggle between feeding on humans or starving to death. In the brink of despair Kaneki meets Touka Kirishima a ghoul just like him and asked her for help, through her he comes to know of a place called "Antique." It's a coffee shop run by ghouls who help other ghouls who can't or refuse to hunt humans, by giving them food; not knowing what to do since becoming a ghoul Kaneki accepts their help and start working there, as well as learning how to "act human" from now on. There Kaneki meets lots of different types of ghouls and begins to see the world they live in, the hardships they have to go through just for being ghouls and so on. This manga really got me I couldn't put it down even for a second, until I fished it all and even then I go back and re-read it even though the ending pissed me off. Luckily the mangaka is working on the second installment Tokyo Ghoul:re there is also a prequel called Tokyo Ghoul:Jack, I haven't started that one yet. The story for this one was really good and I love the characters too, of course I wasn't a big fan of Kaneki at first but he is one of the characters that develops throughout the manga so I started to like him after a few chapters. Now I can't wait for the second installment i wish it would hurry, no lie if you read the manga all the way the ending will make you angry; flip tables and walk out at least thats how i felt >.< but I'm over it since I know it's going to continue.


Well that was my top 10 mangas I hope you guys enjoyed it too and hope you read them they are all really good and different types that are worth your time. Thanks for your time ^_^  

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