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Top 5 Gender Benders

Hello again; Emma here today lets talk about Gender Benders, you know guys who dress as girls and girls who dress as guys. Weather they have a reason or just simply enjoy it since they look good anyways(lol); I really like this type of genres they almost always make me laugh since most of the ones I read are really funny and enjoyable. But they are those that also make my cry, seriously I just can't seem to stop my tears; so I decided to do my top 5 gender benders that I really love and enjoy. Lets get started shall we ^_^

#5 Usotsuki Lily


Manga: Usotsuki Lily

Author: Komura Ayumi

Genres: Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Status: Complete 

Anime: Not Available

Try and guess who the guy is!

Hinata Saotome is a nice and cute high school girl who all of a sudden gets asked out by En Shinohara, a gorgeous boy in her grade. But  what she doesn't know is that En's hobby is to cross-dress, since he was young En has always hated men, even seeing his own reflection, he gets really angry and punches out whatever is doing the reflecting be it a windows, mirrors or even the reflection in some ones eyes (sad to say lol). To combat this hatred for men himself included, En begins to dresses up as a girl; despite knowing this Hinata decides to go out with him anyway, I mean it's not like he is going to have this weird hobby forever (or so she thinks.) I found this story to be cute and very funny, the thought of having a boyfriend who cross-dress and sad to say is cuter than you is refreshing to me. All the problems that they have to overcome to stay together not to mention family members that might or might not find his cross-dressing odd. In this manga aside from Hinata and En there are also a good amount of other couples, lets see there are about 4+ more couples. It might sound a bit overwhelming I guess, since there are a lot couples but I actually like that there are more couples but well like everyone I do have my favorite couple not including Hinata & En; aside from having a good amount of other couples it is also repetitive after a few chapters in it starts to repeat of course its not the exact same thing just the situation happens to be the same and the manga itself makes fun of it (lol), all in all I really enjoyed reading something new and found it very interesting.

 #4 Oresama Teacher

Manga: Oresama Teacher

Author:Tsubaki Izumi

Genres: Action, Comedy, Gender Bender, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Status: On-going

Anime: Not Available 

Kurosaki Mafuyu was a juvenile delinquent and the head of her gang that is before her arrest got her expelled from high school. Now that she's been kicked out of that school she has to transfer to a new high school, in that high school Mafuyu is determined to become an "ultra-shiny, super feminine high school student"; But on her first day of school she meets a lone wolf like delinquent named Hayasaka-kun and decides to befriend him. Along with Hayasaka-kun we have Mafuyu's homeroom teacher Saeki Takaomi (who happens to be a "friend" of Mafuyu, more like the person who is responsible for her turning out to be a delinquent in the first place lol ). With both her new and old friends Mafuyu is going to find it hard to be a girly-girl in her new high school. For this manga unlike the rest of them Mafuyu doesn't really cross-dress a lot only when Takaomi-kun tells her to or she knows it's necessary, it depends on the situation. Through out the manga she is her regular self, but when she has to fight she is Usa-chan Man (it's just her but with a rabbit mask on) and when she cross-dresses she becomes Natsuo a male delinquent, with that she can avoid getting caught and pretend to be a weak and fragile girly-girl. I found this manga to be interesting since it was the first gender bender that I read where the badass MC wanted to be a regular person (lol) plus I find her to be really funny. The fact that she tries so hard to be a weak girly-girl yet always find herself getting into some kind of fight while trying to help out Hayasaka-kun or thanks to Takaomi-kun who likes to get her into them.

 #3 Hana-Kimi

Manga: Hana-Kimi

Author: Hisaya Nakajo

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Gender Bender, School Life, Shoujo

Status: Complete

Anime: Not Available

Ashiya Mizuki is a Japanese-American track-and-field star, that has gotten herself transfer to a high school in Japan. To be close to her idol, Izumi Sano a high jumper that she saw on t.v.; but Sano goes to an all-guy's high school so in order to get close to him Mizuki disguises herself as a boy. Thus traveling to Japan and entering his school, hoping to be able to see him; but not only does she have him as a classmates, they also end up being roommates as well (how lucky is that hehe). Not only does she have to make sure no one  in the classroom and locker room know, she also has to be even more careful  in the dorm she shares with Sano. But lets be honest it won't be as easy no matter how much she tries to look like a guy she still acts like a girl; not to mention she has no sense of danger or awareness. She is very carefree and loves to play around, and because of that she gets found out the very first day by Sano and Umeda Hokuto he is the doctor at the school's nurse office. But well to be honest the Umeda said he knew right away that she was a girl because it was easy for him to tell, he also tells her that he is gay and pretty much acts like an older brother or uncle to her while giving her advice. Knowing that someone knows her secret and is willing to keep it that way Mizuki does everything she can to get close to Sano, not knowing that he already found out the truth about her. Along with Sano we also have Shuichi Nakatsu one of the students that is living in the dormitory as well. He starts to like Mizuki but doesn't know that she is really a girl, causing some of his classmates to believe that he is gay. However, Shuichi is merely attracted to Mizuki's femininity which she has trouble hiding. When Shuichi discovers that Sano has feelings for Mizuki, he confesses to her but get rejected. Knowing that both Sano and Mizuki have the same feelings for one another Shuichi gives up on her and gives them his blessings in order to protect his friendship with Sano and let Mizuki be happy with the one she loves.There are a lot of interesting moments, that are just to funny at times but also sad. I really like the couple in this manga even though they didn't start off as a couple but they acted and looked like it. I found it to be so cute seeing how they fall in love with each other little by little, the more time they spend together the more they came to realize their feelings for each other it was so cute  >.< !!


 #2 Love In The Mask

Manga: Love In The Mask

Author: Han Yu-Rang

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy

Status: Complete

Anime:  Not Available

Here we go second place, it was really hard for me to pick the final two since I like them both a lot but none the less there has to be a first and second place. Love In The Mask revolves around Suh Hyun-bin who along with her little brother Pig grew up under the cruel hand of street gangsters. But sadly her little brother Pig ends up dying right in her arms. All alone and with no one to help Hyun-bin is left to beg and gather money for the gangsters are keeping her, one day with the help of some mysterious men Hyun-bin runs away and is taken in by a rich family who wants to train her to become a bodyguard to protect Yae-ha Yun. However, Hyun-bin must hide the fact that she is girl, and pose as a man if she do this for a set period of time she will get paid and set free if she can't do that then they will throw her back out into the streets without anything. And so, for eight straight years Hyun-bin grows up as a cold hearted, male, bodyguard. It seems like she'll be this way forever, even after the time period finishes that is until she encounters Lee Yun-ha a handsome and troubled delinquent. Lee Yun-ha has a very sad back story but I won't get into it  so nothing will be spoiled. Because of that he turns into a delinquent who normally doesn't care much about anyone. But once he sees Hyun-bin he starts getting interested in her and wants her to join his gang, at first Hyun-bin declines but later on she gets orders from Yae-ha's grandfather to join. At first Hyun-bin and Yun-ha start off as friends and nothing more. After Hyun-bin starts to have feeling for him thus shaking her very foundation and wishing she was a girl. Hyun-bin is conflicted with herself, as her feelings of love for Yun-ha clash against her feelings of duty and brotherly/sisterly love towards Yae-ha. No lie this manga had me crying from the very first chapter, in between, and even till the very end. This manga drew me in right from the start and I just couldn't put it down until I finished it. Even when i go back to re-read it, it still makes my eyes tear-up (just like Clannad!!). I strongly suggest that you read this manga, just make sure you have tissue on the side for the sad moments that will make you cry.

 #1 Nononono

Manga: Nononono

Author:Okamoto Lynn

Genres: Drama, Gender Bender, Seinen, Sports

Status: Complete

Anime: Not Available

And know we are at the number one Gender Bender, even though it took me forever to decide it since I liked both this one and Love In The Mask the same. Now then Nonomiya Yuuta, is a Ski Jumper aiming to go to the Olympics and get a Gold medal in Ski Jumping. Yuuta has exceptional skills in Ski due to his love for the sport and thanks to the training he received from his father, who used to be a Skier. However, "his" biggest problem is that he is not really Nonomiya Yuuta but his twin sister Nonomiya Nono, and since there isn't any Women Ski Jump categories in the Olympics; she is forced to hide her true identity. That is the only way for her to achieve the dreams that her father and brother left with her before they died. She is set on going to the Olympics to win the gold medal not only for her brothers and fathers sake but also for herself, since she was little Nono had always loved Ski Jumping but was only able to do it as a hobby. Her father was set on training her brother only, since he knew that no matter how good she was she would never go to the Olympics.  After losing both family members Nono transfer to a popular Ski Jumping school, that would help her achieve her goal. There "he" meets Akira Amatsu; born into a family of ski jumping medalists, Amatsu's talent at ski jumping was noticed at an early age. Strangely enough Amatsu has a weird allergy to women, and will break out into hives when he's close to one, making Nono uneasy every time she is near him. Along side Nono And Amatsu we have Mikage Kourogi, a pretty and famous figure skater well-known for earning a gold medal in the international championship; on her first day of school she mistook Nono for a handsome guy and asked "him" to be her boyfriend, but was completely rejected. Later on, Mikage walked in on Nono while "he" was dressing, and saw that "he" was wearing women underwear. Mikage then concluded that Nono was a perverted cross-dressing guy, to not get caught  Nono admitted that "he" was . After that, and since she couldn't make "him" her boyfriend, Mikage proclaimed that from now on, Nono will be her slave and live together at her house. While living under the same roof as Mikage and Amatsu's allergy to women, Nono has it really hard it that wasn't hard enough "his" senpai Kiyoshi Shiriya who has a twisted and terrible personality. He is the squad leader of Okushin high school's ski club, and a veteran ski jumper who has the best record in the club and who takes great pride in placing third at inter high, forces everyone in the ski club to call him "Emperor" a title he deems above that of club president. Shiriya is very sensitive towards his last name "Shiriya", which literally means Butt/Anal Shop, and will violently lash out against anyone who dares to call him by that name. Last but not least we have Hiroki Kishitani a freshman and club member of Akira and Nono, he is really good friends with Nono and used to attend the same elementary school as the "Emperor" thus he knows really well of his personality. Hiroki isn't as skilled as everyone else but he pulls through with his luck when it's needed of him. Together they all try the best they can to make it to the Olympics to earn the gold medal; what I like the best about this manga is that they all have their own backstory. Each story they tell makes you fall in love even more with the characters,this manga is even more sad than Love in the Mask. Worth reading over and over again in my opinion (lol)


Well I hope you guys give them a try and hope you enjoy them just as much as me...

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