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Winter Anime Season 2016 - RECAP

Hey Everyone!

With the newly released list of what will be coming out on Spring 2016 (which you can check out and read our thoughts on it soon!) we figured it would be a nice time to look back on this season and see what shows really captured our attention. To be fair, we have been overburdened with work the last couple of months so we have not been able to properly dedicate time to anime, (It sucks so much to not be able to watch everything i wanted to originally check out)  so we would love you guys to let us know what other shows you have been keeping up with and that you would recommend us (and other readers) to check out!


Lupin the Third (2015)


Well this one is kind of cheating because it came out in April of last year but it has been on my list for the longest time to check out because Lupin is one of my favorite shows for the longest time. The reason why i’m putting this on the list is because it is still coming out on Crunchyroll and i would recommend this show to everyone.  The thing about this show that I love is that everyone has unique personalities that work together really well. I love how Jigen and Goemon tell Lupin to stay away from Fujiko because she will just get him in trouble but all he wants is to please Fujiko.

This show is very comical but suspenseful as well. I promise you a good time with this anime. If you haven’t seen Lupin before, I would recommend checking out some of the movies as well. The best ones in my opinion are the following:

    • Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro -  This was made by Miyazaki and it shows. The story is really well made and it feels like a Miyazaki film


  • Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan -  Great series, i recommend watching all of them
  • Lupin the Third: Green vs  Red
  • Lupin the Third: Farewell to Nostradamus


    As we mentioned in another blog, We are completely in love with Erased. It is one of the few shows i have seen that handles dark and violent themes, like child abuse and murder, in a way that doesn’t exploit those themes for “shock factor”... The story is great, and the characters are really lovable. I would recommend this very highly. 


    Dimension W

    Dimension W is one of the most beautifully animated shows i have seen in a very long time. It is very smooth and very well drawn. Just check out their awesome opening theme

    The anime follows Kyouma and Mira in a future world where everything is powered up by energy from Dimension W. They are sent on missions to destroy illegal coils (the mechanism used to tap into Dimension W)

    I love watching this anime to learn more about the characters. I want to know why Kyouma hates coils so much and is stuck living in the past. (He still drives a gas powered car and other technology from “the past”). I also want to learn about Mira and her mission from her creator. This show just keeps my curiosity growing and it is a pleasure on the eyes to watch.




    Konosuba is my comedic anime of this season, and it is really amazing! The story follows Kazuma (who is a shut in) right after he dies in a dumb accident because he was trying to get a limited edition video game. Right after he dies he is met by a goddess named Aqua who tells him he is going to be reincarnated in another world where he must defeat the Devil King, after being laughed at by Aqua he chooses to take Aqua with him.

    After they go to the new world they begin to go on quest but they are both really useless. They begin gathering a party and try to get stronger to accomplish their mission.

    This anime is great because they make fun of all the typical cliches that come with this genre of anime. Instead of being the “chosen one” or having a “hidden talent” Kazuma is pretty useless and barely manages to scrape of a basic living. It is really fun show to watch.

    Those are some of the anime I have dedicated the most time too but there are a few other ones that i would recommend.

    • Dagashi Kashi is really funny
    • Musaigen no Phantom World has a very interesting concept
    • Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue looks really nice

    Hopefully you like some of our suggestions and find an anime show you end up really liking. Let us know which anime shows you really like and would recommend we watch in the comments below.

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